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A few reviews from people who have used the ISPEEK resources.


ISPEEK at School by Janet Dixon

Janet Dixon a nursery nurse and speech and language therapy assistant has produced this CD-ROM to complement and work alongside her similar resource Ispeek at Home. She achieves her aim of providing a resource to enhance communication with, and the learning experience of, those with specific challenges e.g. children within the autistic spectrum.


ISPEEK at School is composed of approximately 1,300 images in ready made files addressing daily living, the community and school experience of the child. From these images, pictures, posters, cards and teaching aids can be made by downloading the images and subsequently adapting them to facilitate learning in order to enhance the individual teaching styles of the facilitator and the unique needs of the student.


Aimed at children and young people from a variety of age groups the images can be enhanced by words in any language and are suitable for use with a variety of ethnic groups and abilities. Saved templates include and ISPEEK card maker, diary strips for completion, behaviour cards, images to facilitate choice, a teaching class timetable and an award certificate amongst others.


Saved image folders are easily located and include achieving appropriate social skills. Sensory awareness activities, acceptable behaviour, time and numeracy, concept of colours, weather, shapes, places to visit, holidays, school and working environments, exercise/actions, personal care and the achievement of independent living/self advocacy.


The CD-ROM is in 2 formats – WMF and JPEG which has been used for this review. In order to run it successfully Windows (post 2002) is needed and it also opens up on Macs.


An easy to follow instruction manual accompanies the CD-ROM and details step by step guides to maximise use of the resource; including how to locate images and new documents can be stored for future use.


As part of this review appropriate images were downloaded to use in Sunday School, and Holiday Club, both for young people of a variety of ages and those with varying abilities. Although time consuming initially, once one has mastered the easy to decipher instructions, the sky is the limit for the creative as well as those who are not so artistically gifted. This resource though not specifically designed for use in Christian ministry certainly has its place in the development of young people as they set out on their Christian walk.


- Accord magazine

Posted January 12, 2007, 10:19 AM EST: I have already bought the two cds in this series (as I live in UK)and I use them for my daughters pecs. I also use them in school as I am the SENCO. I have sent two over to my cousin in USA. The pictures are the best and both CDs are inexpensive.

a review from Barnes & Noble's website NY.


ISPEEK at School is a CD collection of 1,300 images to help children with autistic spectrum disorder communicate. I would also recommend it for other learning difficulties where visual communication is needed.


The first thing that struck me about this was that it was different from other symbol generating software I have used. Its huge advantage is that you can import its clipart type images into any program – plus its excellent price.


The CD is easy enough for even the most techno phobic person to use and its symbols can be made small or increased to at least a page size if you wish to make a poster.


ISPEEK includes templates to place pictures in as well as pre-designed timetables made in Microsoft Word to inspire you to create your own.


The symbols are well catalogued and have clearly been designed by someone with a good understanding of autism. The behaviour symbols are superb and cover a number of behaviours often seen by children with ASD. The symbols are also well drawn and nice to use many of them being self-explanatory if you choose to use some without the text.


- Della spalding SEN teacher



‘Imagine how frustrating life would be if you had significant difficulty not only understanding others’ thoughts and feelings when conveyed by speech and gestures, but difficulty expressing your own thoughts and feelings. The excellent ISPEEK resources will enable a person with autism to use visual images to understand what someone wants to communicate, and to express his or her own thoughts and feelings. I know these resources will greatly improve the happiness and quality of life of individuals with autism, their carers and support staff.’

– Tony Attwood


ISPEEK is a unique resource which can be used by parents and professionals alike. It is very easy to use and can be applied to any intervention which enhances the development of social and learning skills, a valuable tool for all special needs education.’

– Jonathan Harris, Autism Consultant





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