Augmentative Communication Illustrations

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ISPEEK Step by Step

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Easy to follow visual routines for encouraging independence.



The sample pages below show the difference in Collections 1 and 2. However, the PDFs on the disc are much clearer than these samples.


The collection of booklets on this DVD-ROM has been devised using the experience of working closely with people who have communication disorders and learning difficulties, along with creating ISPEEK at Home and ISPEEK at School CD-ROMs.

ISPEEK Step by Step includes everything you need to assist people in making their own drinks, snacks, sweet treats and caring for themselves. These brand new files have been designed especially for learning support and are easy to use. As well as over 75 ready-made booklets which are ready to print, you will find alternatives to support the way an individual learns. This DVD-ROM is suited to autistic spectrum conditions but you will find it offers anyone with learning difficulties a step to independence. It has been created to be adaptable for different abilities and levels of understanding.

CONTENTS The booklets files are in PDF format. Grouped as Collections 1 and 2. Both files have the same content with a few alternative files at the end of each section.

COLLECTION 1 - Key word instructions with images

COLLECTION 2 - Full sentence instructions with images


1. Microwave a jacket potato   2. Make baked beans   3. Make tuna filling   4. Make tuna and sweetcorn filling   5. Make toast   6. Make crumpets   7. Make a boiled egg   8. Make scrambled eggs   9. Make cheese on toast   10. Make crackers and cheese   11. Make soup in a cup   12. Make a cheese and chutney sandwich-brown bread   13. Make a cheese and chutney sandwich-white bread   14. Make a cheese sandwich-brown bread   15. Make a cheese sandwich-white bread   16. Make a meat sandwich-brown bread   17. Make a meat sandwich-white bread   18. Make a jam sandwich-brown bread   19. Make a jam sandwich-white bread   20. Make a panini-cheese and tomato   21. Make a panini-ham and cheese   22. Make a toastie-ham and cheese   23. Make a salad   24. Make a toastie-any filling   25. Make a panini-any filling   26. Make a sandwich-any filling   27. Make a boiled egg 2


1. Make orange squash   2. Make blackcurrant squash   3. Make lemon squash   4. Make apple squash   5. Make a cup of tea   6. Make a cup of coffee   7. Make a cup of instant hot chocolate   8. Make a cup of instant malted milk   9. Make a strawberry milkshake   10. Make a chocolate milkshake   11. Make a banana milkshake   12. Make strawberry milkshake-powder   13. Make chocolate milkshake-powder   14. Make banana milkshake-powder   15. Choose fruit for smoothie   16. Make a fresh fruit smoothie   17. Make a fresh banana shake   18. Make a fresh strawberry shake   19. Make plain squash   20. Make plain squash-no measures


1. Choose which cakes to make   2. Get ready to make cakes   3. Make the sponge cake mixture   4. Add chocolate flavour   5. Add dried fruit   6. Add glace cherries   7. Bake the sponge cakes   8. Decorate the cakes-chocolate   9. Decorate the cakes-icing   10. Make a fruit salad   11. Make jelly   12. Chocolate crispy cakes   13. Banana and vanilla yogurt   14. Bake flapjacks   15. Bake chocolate flapjacks   16. Bake raisin flapjacks   17. Do the washing up-no measure   18. Do the washing up


1. Get ready for a bath   2. Have a bath   3. Get ready for a shower   4. Have a shower    5. After a shower or bath   6. Applying roll-on deodorant   7. Applying spray deodorant   8. Get ready to clean your ears   9. Clean your ears   10. Get ready to cut your nails   11. Cut your nails   12. Clean your teeth   13. Toilet routine   14. Routine for girls-no spray or bags   15. Routine for girls-no spray   16. Routine for girls-with spray   17. Communication passport   18. Communication passport   19. Have a bath-no measure

PDF of instruction booklet