Augmentative Communication Illustrations

Try out these free images for older adults

Each image comes in a choice of  JPEG (white background) or PNG ( clear background.

To download the free ISPEEK files: Left click on the image. Right click on the link and on the drop down menu choose save target as. Choose a folder on your PC where you want to keep the file and left click to save the file. The larger files will need time to download and this will depend on the speed of you server.

You can insert the images into a Word or Publisher document, size them and add the wording to suit the individual.



Visiting JPEG

Pigeon Keeping JPEG

Put Your Coat On (Man) JPEG

Put Your Coat On (Woman) JPEG

Card Making JPEG

Jigsaw JPEG

Feed The Birds JPEG


Visiting PNG

Pigeon Keeping PNG

Put Your Coat On (Man) PNG

Put Your Coat On (Woman) PNG

Card Making PNG

Jigsaw PNG

Feed The Birds PNG



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